Our vision

Sommerhuber is written on every high quality heat storage ceramics.

If you can dream it, you can do it. Walt Disney’s famous words constitute the mission statement of our daily work. Visionary thinking motivates us to reach new milestones again and again and provides for the sustainable development of our family-run company. In doing so, the stove setter’s trade and the creation of individual living rooms with top quality heat storage ceramics constitute the cornerstones of our activities. It is our declared objective to meet the personal needs of our customers with the maximum quality standards. Customer orientation, quality, responsibility and mutual respect – together we live a corporate culture which is based on the foundation of those values.
Our products are the result of our corporate philosophy.

Our product

Cozy and comfortable heat storage ceramics

Since 1491, our products stand for top craftsmanship, quality and design. The product lines tiled stoves & tiled fireplaces and SPA ceramics have one thing in common – the ceramic tile and its advantages of heat storage. Their specific mass allows the storage of heat and the slow and even discharge of warmth to the room. Thus, the ceramics stands for a cozy warmth, well- being and relaxation. The shape and appearance of the products are guided by the wishes and requirements of our customers. Their requirements are the origin of an intensive product development and innovation activity.